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"An intuitive songwriter that’s been at the forefront in New England for 30 years, Taylor has the skills to pay the bills.  Shades of Blue is a lovely, laid back roots/Americana kind of date led by a lovely voice and smart writing."

                                                   ~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record

 "Lynne Taylor is an accomplished vocalist & pianist who writes & sings straight from the heart. Her songs speak volumes about personal and socially conscious matters, which in turn strike a major chord with audiences everywhere."  

                                                           ~Jimmy Rae, Skope Entertainment Inc.

"Taylor, like some, writes with intelligence. She doesn’t need the showboat. There are vintage Americana, hymn-like moments & qualities similar to past contemporary singers. The difference? Her rich passion, emotive voice & traditional time-honored melodies, all from the pen of a performer more of an artist than just another singer."

                                                     ~ John Appice, Americana Highways

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The Noise Big Shot: Lynne Taylor


Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Competition

Finalist 2017

Grant And Lee 

2017 Finalist in the Folk Acoustic category of the 33rd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest 

The Noise Top

Ten of 2013

Two Mentions

"Clearly, Taylor is a fearless singer-songwriter, one who is unafraid to get her hands dirty" 

- Julia R. DeStefano, The Boston Noise

"…it’s an album filled with massive hooks, impossibly catchy tunes that bore into your brain and, having set up shop, absolutely refuse to leave — you know, the kind you find yourself humming without thinking about it" 

    -  J.C. Lockwood, Newburyport Current

"Lynne’s vocals dominate... rich and full of expression. Her lyrics move with meaning for us to linger on." 

T-Max, The Noise

"...a super album that celebrates and rejoices in its diversity, but is never distracted by it."

- Leicester Bangs

Lynne Taylor is like a voice in the wilderness, howling for truth and justice, whether it be about empire building, media lies or street kids.

- Diane Crowe, Music of the People, WMCB, Greenfield, MA

"With Lynne Taylor, what you see is what you get.  She writes the songs, she sings them, and she accompanies herself on the piano. She is a one-woman act, but there is no acting involved.  It’s all Lynne Taylor, and her music is anything but sweet, often rocking, sometimes waltz-like, and as raw as it gets."

- Louis McNulty The Noise- Boston 09/03/2014

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Big Shot Centerfold, The Noise

Fred Long Photography


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Catching up with Lynne Taylor - An Interview

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